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Pawnbroker Loans

A pawnbroker loan is a great way to raise cash quickly without having to sell your valuables. We’ll consider lending against a whole variety of items of value and advance the cash loan on the spot. The value of the item will determine the amount that can be borrowed. 

Our pawnbroker’s loan interest rates

The interest rate that we charge on our pawn shop loans will depend on the amount of the loan and the nature of the item used as security.

Interest is charged monthly and there are no other fees. Our maximum/minimum loan term is 6 months and all loans are for a fixed term of 6 months. You can repay the loan at any time without penalty.

Representative Example:
Borrow £1000.00 secured on jewellery for 6 months. Monthly interest rate 4.5% (fixed).
The total interest charge for 6 months: £270.00 
the total amount repayable for 6 months: £1270.00
The Representative APR is 61.29% (fixed)

Our current rates for jewellery, gold and watches:

Loans from Monthly interest Representative APR
£20,001 and above 1.99% 25.31%
£15,001 – £20,000 2.99% 39.10%
£5001 – £15,000 3.5% 46.41%
£2500 – £5000 4.0% 53.76%
£1000 – £2499 4.5% 61.29%
£300 – £999 5.0% 69.00%
£5 – £299 6.0% 84.96%

Benefits of a pawnbroker loan

  • A pawnbroker loan is often a good alternative to a conventional loan
  • There’s no form filling
  • The loan is immediate and based on the value of the item pawned
  • The loan is provided in cash or bank transfer
  • You retain ownership of your items
  • Our service is completely confidential 
  • You only pay interest for the time the loan is outstanding
  • No set-up fees
  • No need for a credit check

Privacy and confidentiality

When you come to our pawn shop you will find that we are different from other pawnbrokers. We operate in a friendly, relaxed and discreet environment and know most of our customers by name.

Our premises are offices, so you’ll be served comfortably in a private area. With years of experience, we’re experts at what we do and that’s why our customers choose to come back to us time and time again. We give a very personal service for people wishing to use items of value to raise cash quickly. 

Pawn shop loans for small businesses

Pawnbroking loans are also suitable for small and medium-sized business owners as a fast way of raising business finance or resolving a cash flow situation. We’re happy to discuss your business needs, just give us a call.

What we lend against

We can lend against various items of value. Some of the most common valuables we offer pawn shop loans in exchange for are as follows:

Whether it be a humble ring worth £10 or items worth thousands of pounds, our customers are always given personal and friendly attention. We pride ourselves on great service to ensure our clients always leave our premises satisfied with our pawnbroking service and confident that they’ve received the best loan advance to suit their requirements.

How our pawnbroker loans work

Our team of experts offer a pawnbroking service that’s quick and easy. Here’s what to expect when you come to our offices for a pawn shop loan:

  1. All pawnbroking loans begin with our expert team assessing the value of your items for the purpose of raising a loan against them. In instances where a highly specialist item is concerned and we are unsure of the value, we can call upon a number of associates with specialist knowledge to give an accurate valuation. 
  2. Together we agree on the loan amount based on the value of your item.
  3. We give you a contract with a term of 6 months. This will be explained to you in our offices.
  4. The items remain yours throughout the duration of the loan (they are held as security only) and are kept in secure storage facilities until such time as the loan is repaid.
  5. The items can be redeemed at any time during the term of the loan by repaying the capital borrowed plus the interest owing up to the point of redemption.
  6. You only pay interest on the number of months that the loan has been outstanding. We then return your items to you.
  7. If the loan has not been redeemed, we write to you towards the end of the 6th month period to remind you that the loan is ending and that it can either:
  • Be redeemed by repaying the loan in full i.e. the original loan amount plus 6 month’s interest
  • Be renewed by paying 6 month’s interest only. (giving you a further 6 months to repay the loan)*
  1. If the loan remains unpaid or un-renewed at the end of the 6-month period, we would    be obliged to sell the item in order to retrieve the capital and interest owing.
  2. For loans over £75, any surplus over and above the capital, interest and reasonable expenses incurred in selling the item would be returned to you.

*renewals at our sole discretion

You risk losing your items if you fail to repay on your due date.

If you have any queries about our Pawnbroker service, please contact us.
Telephone 0208 518 1828 or email

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Examples of Pawnbroker loans

A loan of £500 against a watch, redeemed after 3 months

Total interest for three months
Total repayment
Monthly interest

A loan of £60 against a bracelet, redeemed after 1 month

Total interest for one month
Total repayment
Monthly interest

A loan of £6000 against a Rolex, redeemed after 3 months

Total interest for three months
Total repayment
Monthly interest