Log Book Loans in London and Ilford Essex. Use Your Car To Get Cash

Log Book Loans FAQs

What is a logbook loan?

A log book loan is secured on the logbook (V5) of your vehicle. We keep the log book for the duration of the loan whilst you continue to drive. Please contact us if the following applies:

  • Your vehicle is clear of finance
  • Your vehicle must be insured, taxed and MOT’d
  • You can demonstrate regular income
  • The log book must be in your name

We offer loans against all manner of vehicles including carsclassic carsvans and motorbikes.

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How long does a logbook loan last?

Our log book loans can be over 6 or 12 to 24 months. Loans can be redeemed at any point during the period of the loan and interest is only charged for the time the loan has been outstanding.

There are no early repayment penalties, or minimum fees charged.

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How much can I borrow with a logbook loan?

The amount you can borrow depends on the value of the car and the amount you can afford to repay monthly.

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How is a logbook loan different from a personal loan?

A logbook loan is secured on your car whilst an unsecured personal loan has no security.

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How is a logbook loan different from pawning my car?

With a logbook loan you still have the full use of your car. If you pawn your car it is stored in a secure storage facility until the loan is repaid.

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More information about our Log Book Loan Service

So that you understand more about the nature of the loan security this Borrowers Explanation Sheet provides more information. You could risk losing your vehicle should the loan not be repaid.

Representative Example:
Borrow £1000.00 Pay per month for 12 months. The total charge for credit is £840.00 for 12 months
The Annual rate of interest is 84% (flat fixed)
(The Total Amount Repayable for 12 months is £1840.00)
The Representative APR is 246.32% (fixed)

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