Get Great Value For Money With Maxcroft Currency Exchange

Our customers who love travelling come to us from all over East London and Essex for good value currency.

Many try and get away as much as possible to add to their experiences. They may wish to learn a new language, see amazing sites, or immerse themselves in a new culture. It can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, but are they really getting the most out of their travel money?

So here are some of our top tips to help our customers get the best value for money for holiday and travel money.

Getting value for money

Often our customers find that they get great value for money by purchasing their foreign currency with us. We offer a fast service and our staff are always more than happy to help. We specialise in Pawnbroking but also provide a foreign currency service to our customers giving the best value for money when they purchase holiday money.

Leftover currency

It is often surprising that most travellers have extra money after their trip without realising it

When traveling, holidaymakers convert their Pounds Sterling into local currency to purchase items and pay for the services needed. Travellers are advised to carry extra cash as a buffer – it is the responsible thing to do in case of emergencies.

But once home, travellers forget about the leftover money. Maybe they intend to change it back but then forget or they keep hold of it to use for future travel – either way there are considerable amounts of money stashed away in people’s homes & travel bags. Imagine, after many months/years, finding a wad of foreign cash in your drawer or suitcase. Forgetting you had £300 left from a trip is actually pretty common.

But what exactly is the problem?

Well, this money tends to still be in the local currency of the country visited. Having no use for those extra Euros or US dollars they would just be a keepsake.

How to exchange foreign banknotes back to pounds?

Maxcroft can exchange leftover travel money.

Before deciding it’s not worth the trouble, holiday money can be turned to Sterling cash that can be used for other purposes – maybe a nice meal or to add to a savings account.

Why choose Maxcroft for your travel money needs

Maxcroft is an excellent, reliable place to exchange currencies. With years’ of experience providing international currencies, Maxcroft makes exchanging a breeze

Located on the A12, Maxcroft is a 5-10 min walk from Gants Hill Tube Station and easily accessible by car from the North Circular Road or A12. Maxcroft has free parking, which is one of the reasons people come from all over East London and Essex for great exchange rates/currency.

Maxcroft offers excellent foreign exchange rates at 0% commission and buy & sell US dollars and Euros. Visit Maxcroft’s Foreign Currency page for more information or use the currency converter tool to see how Maxcroft’s Euro and Dollar rates compare to others and to get the best exchange rates.

Are you interested in Foreign Exchange in Essex?

Maxcroft has over 40 years experience, offering outstanding service and providing foreign currency.

If you’d like to discuss exchanging currency, take a look at our Foreign Exchange website page or pop in to our offices at 632 Eastern Ave, Ilford Essex IG2 6PG.

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