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Whatever your destination, come to Maxcroft for your travel money.

People come to us from all over East London and Essex for cheap currency. To ensure we can give you the best value on your travel money, we keep an eye on market rates on a daily basis so you don’t have to, and make sure that our rates are highly competitive. We compare ourselves against online foreign currency providers and also high street bureaux de change.

Compare our rates to other travel money deals before you buy so you know you are getting great value.

When comparing the cost of buying or selling foreign currency it is important to look at the overall cost not just the exchange rate. Many companies appear to be offering an excellent rate for foreign currency exchange but add commission and/or delivery fees. They may advertise an online rate but give a lesser rate in store.  So make sure that when you compare travel money deals that you are comparing like for like.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead in order to get the best travel money deal. In the time leading up to your travel date keep an eye on exchange rates so you are not buying your currency in a rush just before you travel but can make the purchase when rates are at a suitable level. For example the Euro exchange rate has fluctuated greatly recently so it has been important to keep a track of the rate before deciding when to buy the Euros. Rates for foreign currency can also fluctuate during a day.

Also, try and avoid buying your foreign currency in a hotel as the rates hotels offer are often unfavourable by comparison to a bureau de change. Airport foreign currency exchange bureaux are also often less competitive, so don’t wait to purchase your foreign currency at the last minute in the airport.

It is always a good idea to purchase some currency in small denominations so that you have money for transport and tips upon arrival at your destination.

As with all that we do, we go that little bit extra to provide the best foreign exchange rates possible, giving you more cash in hand to spend on your travels. We do not keep all currencies in stock but are happy to accept currency orders for collection the following day. Please ring for details.

Please ring us to find out about ID requirements before coming to buy or sell your foreign currency.

We are very easy to get to with parking outside which makes our location very convenient when you purchase or sell foreign currency.

If you have any queries about our foreign currency exchange service, please Contact Us.

Please Email us at: or telephone 0208 518 1828

If you have any queries about our foreign exchange service, please contact us.
Telephone 02085181828 or email

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