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The Weird and Wonderful Things Found in a Pawnshop

It’s easy to see why pawn shops can provide such great entertainment. The fascinating stories behind each item, combined with the sheer value of some of the things that come through the doors, makes for an endless stream of television drama and documentary ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next story idea, we’ve put together a list of ten weird things we’ve found in our years working in the business:

1. Dentures

For one pawnbroker in the U.S., giving a pawnbroking loan on a set of dentures was his strangest request. Surprisingly, he agreed! Using the logic that the customer was virtually guaranteed to repay the loan in order to reclaim his teeth, the pawnbrokers deemed it a good opportunity. And they were right – the customer did return to pay off their loan in full and regained ownership of their Gnasher’s.

2. Military Weapons

Military memorabilia and antiques can be extremely collectible and can be very valuable, which means they can often be found among items in pawnbroking shops and can be used to borrow cash. 

Amongst memorabilia, British Victorian war medals and military items such as vintage military uniform items, or compasses, military brooches and other items are very collectable and can have surprisingly high values.

When it comes to weapons, however, very strict decommissioning procedures need to be followed before these potentially dangerous items become collectibles. 

Some pawn shops will accept antique pistols and rifles as collateral for a loan. Some come with their original boxes and accessories such as flasks and binoculars 

3. Unique and Historical Jewellery

If you want to obtain a pawnbroking loan, then pawning jewellery can be a good option. Pieces often have a high value, which will enable you to obtain a considerable amount of funds. However, you might be hard-pressed to get the same result as a group of builders did in London in 1912.

When working on a local construction site, they stumbled upon a horde of jewellery and precious stones. Upon visiting their nearest pawnbroking shop, they were told that the items were ‘unique in the world’ and dated back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The mixture of jewels, including a Swiss watch set with Columbian emeralds and an emerald-studded salamander, were quickly dubbed the ‘Cheapside Hoard’ as news of their finding made its way around London. In fact, they remain on display at the Museum of London, so why not see them for yourself?

To talk to us about pawning your own jewellery, get in touch with our friendly team now on 0208 518 1828

4. An Oscar

Although the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science prohibits the sale of its iconic statuettes, this hasn’t prevented them from turning up in pawnbroking shops from time to time. In fact, one pawnbroker in Beverly Hills has sold a number of authentic Oscars, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands. 

5. JFK’s Humidor

Gifted to John F. Kennedy on the day of his inauguration, a walnut humidor created by Dunhill of London made its way to a pawnbrokers after it was purchased by a private collector following JFK’s assassination. Eventually selling for $575,000 at auction at Sotheby’s, the humidor is now owned by the publisher of Cigar Aficionado magazine.  

6. Gold Teeth

Surprisingly enough, a considerable number of gold teeth have been found in pawnshops over the years. Well, if you’re going to pawn dentures, why overlook any gold teeth you have?! Although gold is a popular item in pawnbroking shops, gold teeth simply aren’t going to be a viable way to get a pawnbroking loan, no matter what you might have seen on pawnbrokers TV shows. 

7. Ford Roadster Model B

Sold to a famous pawnbroking shop in Las Vegas, a 1932 Ford Roadster Model B in outstanding condition was the hit of the day when it was discovered. However, this wasn’t the only car that the pawnbrokers provided a loan on. At a later date, they also took ownership of a rare 2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang. With only 150 ever made, the vehicle’s owner was able to use the car to pocket a tidy sum. 

If you’re wondering what type of asset to use to obtain a pawnbroking loan, then your vehicle could be a great option. Many people ask, ‘Can I pawn my car?’, without realising that cars are extremely common forms of collateral. As most vehicles have a relatively high value and ownership can easily be proven, it can be a simple and straightforward way to secure a loan. If you have a rare or vintage car, you could get in touch to see how much can be borrowed against its value.

8. A ‘Death Clock’

Made prior to 1830, these clocks got their infamous name due to the conditions in which skilled craftsmen would create them. Hand-pressing mercury into the brass and then heating it meant that these talented artisans were regularly breathing in toxic mercury fumes, which sadly often led to an early demise. 

As production had to cease due to safety concerns, the clocks skyrocketed in value and can sometimes be found in pawnbroking shops. However, you don’t have to wait to stumble across a death clock if you’re thinking about borrowing from pawnbrokers. If you’re looking for something to use to get a loan, do what millions of people do and ‘pawn my watch’ instead! To find out what level of loan you could obtain by using your watch as collateral, contact our team today on 0208 518 1828. 

9. Archaeological Artefacts

Smuggled out of Panama in the 1980s by a teacher, rare, pre-Columbian pottery and gold caused quite a stir on the second-hand market in America. Eventually, the items were seized by the FBI and returned to the Panamanian government at an official ceremony. 

10. A Helicopter

If you can pawn a car or motorbike, why not a helicopter?! Which is exactly what one helicopter owner thought when searching for collateral for a loan. Subsequently auctioned for £1 million, it just goes to show that the weird and wonderful things you find in pawnbroking shops can sometimes be worth a great deal!

Are You Ready to Pawn Your Items?

Are you interested in selling valuables in Essex? Maxcroft has over 40 years of experience, offers outstanding service, and issues pawnbroker loans against assets & valuables. 

If you’d like to discuss an item that you are considering selling or pawning, take a look at our What Are Pawnshops website page here.

How To Spot a Fake from the Real Thing? Our Blog Reveals the Most Commonly Faked Goods

Last year, there were an estimated 30,000 fake items in circulation on the UK’s high street. The good news is that, with a little bit of caution, you can spot a fake before parting with your hard-earned cash. The best method is to be informed – and that’s why we’ve put together this list of the most commonly faked goods, as seen by pawnbrokers.

1. Watches and Jewellery

Watches and jewellery often carry a high price tag, which is why they’re such a commonly faked item. Counterfeiters can generate a significant amount of cash from producing fake watches and jewellery and selling them to unsuspecting buyers. Unfortunately, many people fall foul of this scam, particularly when buying on the second-hand market.

Using a pawnbroker to buy or sell watches and jewellery gives you added protection against fake goods. If you want to obtain a loan against Rolex watches, for example, our in-house team will assess the items and offer you a loan value instantly.

2. Watches and Jewellery

Genuine designer handbags and sunglasses can be worth a significant amount. In fact, some luxury handbags can be worth in excess of £100,000, which highlights just how valuable this market is. Of course, any goods that carry such a high price tag are prime targets for unscrupulous individuals who want to make a quick buck by producing fake goods.

Often, fake handbags and sunglasses are mass-produced in professional factories. With an impressive level of quality, it can be tricky to spot a handbag that’s been faked, especially if the manufacturing process has been carried out by experienced workers.

At Maxcroft, we’re adept at distinguishing genuine items from fake goods, which is why we’re a leading pawnbroker. Our dedicated team is always on hand to assess items, provide valuations and offer instant loans, so why not get in touch with Pawnbrokers London today?

3. Cosmetics and Perfume

Many people are surprised to learn that fake cosmetics and perfumes are often produced and sold in a variety of locations. From market stalls to online shops, it’s easy to be tricked into inadvertently buying fake goods. In some instances, items are counterfeited so professionally that it’s difficult to determine whether an item is genuine until you actually begin using it.

However, fake cosmetics and perfume represent a major problem for UK consumers. As well as wasting your hard-earned cash on items of low quality, purchasing counterfeit perfumes or cosmetics could put your health at risk.

When these types of fake goods are purchased, the buyer has no way of knowing exactly what’s in them. The ingredients may not even be suitable for human use, which means there’s a significant risk to your health. Due to this, it’s vital to only purchase such items from reputable sources and, if in doubt, check with the manufacturer, who should be able to confirm whether or not an item is genuine.

4. Shoes and Trainers

Designer shoes or brand-name trainers also represent a significant portion of trade amongst counterfeiters, so be wary when purchasing footwear from unfamiliar brands. Luxury shoes can cost upwards of £2,000-3,000, so you could suffer significant financial loss if you inadvertently purchase a pair of fake boots or stilettos. While trainers are typically available at a lower price, you could still stand to lose hundreds of pounds if you accidentally purchase fake goods.

5. Electronics

Most people in the UK own multiple electronic items, and the popularity of these items means that they’re often counterfeited. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and even televisions, you’d be surprised at how many people are fooled into purchasing fake goods.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about verifying the authenticity of electronic items when you visit pawnbrokers near me. At Maxcroft, we take our role as pawnbrokers seriously and assess every item that’s brought into us. This enables us to protect our clients and ensure that all of the goods we loan against are genuine. To learn more about how pawnbroking works, talk to our team now on 0208 518 1828.

How To Spot a Fake

Being able to spot a fake can help you to identify potential scams and can save you a substantial amount of cash in the long term. Luckily, we’ve got some savvy tips that will help you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

1. Quality of the Materials

High-end designer items are typically made from luxury materials. If a designer handbag feels more like PVC than genuine leather, it could be a sure sign that it’s a counterfeit item.

2. Prices That Are Too Low

Everyone loves to grab a bargain but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! If you’re purchasing goods second-hand, research the market first and get an idea of how much an item is likely to be worth and, therefore, how much you should expect to pay.

3. Unknown Retailers

When individuals are selling fake goods, they’re often quick to set up shop or launch a website. If a retailer doesn’t offer any information about their history and you can’t find reliable information about them, be wary about doing business with them.

Finding the Best Pawnbrokers

Finding the right pawnbroker enables you to secure flexible loans against valuable items at any time, so it’s well worth finding a firm you can trust. With in-house experts and a roster of happy clients, we’re well-placed to deliver the reputable and professional service you require.

Are you interested in pawnbrokers near me in Essex? Maxcroft has over 40 years’ experience, offers outstanding service, and issues loans against assets and valuables.

If you’d like to discuss an item that you are considering selling, take a look at our pawnbrokers website page here.

What Are Pawn Shops and How Do They Work?

Although most people have heard of pawnbroker loans, many people remain unaware of what pawn shops are and how they operate. Despite being around for more than 3,000 years, the pawnbroking industry is often misunderstood, which means that people are missing out on the range of services a pawnbroker offers. 

To ensure you’ve got all the information you need, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you understand what pawn shops are and exactly how we operate. 

What Is a Pawn Shop?

A pawn shop provides immediate loans to people who want to use assets or valuables as capital. Pawnbroker loans are fast cash loans over a short term of six months. A bit like a bridging loan but secured against valuable assets

When you visit a pawn shop, like our own shop in Ilford, you’ll be greeted by a team of experienced pawnbrokers who will assist you with your visit. If you’re considering taking out an immediate pawnbroker loan, you’ll find the expertise and assistance you need. 

How Does a Pawn Shop Work?

If you want to obtain immediate loans, you can visit a pawn shop with one or more valuable items. Perhaps you want to use a watch as collateral, for example. If so, you simply need to visit our pawn shop in Ilford and allow a member of the team to assess the item. We’ll provide a value and tell you how much we are willing to lend against the item. 

Once you’ve been given the terms and offered a loan, you’ll be free to decide whether you’d like to pawn your item. If you do, you’ll leave the item with us, and we’ll provide you with the pre-agreed loan amount.

Crucially, you don’t relinquish your ownership rights of the item at this time. In fact, you’ll be able to return and collect the item you’ve used as collateral when the loan has been repaid in full. In the meantime, we’ll house the item in a secure storage location and arrange collection following completion of the loan. 

How Long Do Pawnbroker Loans Last?

Every pawnbroker can set their own terms. Here at Maxcroft, we offer pawnbroker loans with a six month term. This gives you ample time to pay off the loan by paying the capital and the interest due in one payment at any point during the loan term . There are no early payment penalties because the loan is designed to be totally flexible and can be paid at any time within the term. The loan can also be renewed at the end of the term if it has not been convenient to pay back the capital within the first 6 month period. 

When the end of the six-month loan period is approaching, we contact our clients in writing to inform them that the loan period is due to end. At this point, you can either redeem the item you used as collateral by paying the loan off in full or renew the loan. To renew pawnbroker loans, you’ll need to pay six months of interest at the pre-agreed loan rate. If the renewal is agreed upon, you’ll have a further six months to pay off the balance of the loan and any subsequent interest that accrues.

What Happens If a Loan Isn’t Paid Off?

In the event that a client does not redeem their item by paying off the loan, we would need to sell the item in order to retrieve the amount outstanding.  If the loan exceeds £75, we return any surplus to you, once the capital, interest, and cost of selling the item has been deducted. 

Our six-month pawnbroker loan term and our renewal option ensure that the vast majority of clients can redeem their items in a timely fashion if they choose to do so. 

What Can I Pawn?

If you want to obtain immediate loans from a pawnbroker, you’ll need to know exactly what you can pawn! At Maxcroft, we lend against a wide variety of valuables and assets, including:

If you have an item of value and you’d like to know if you can be used to obtain a pawnbrokers loan, contact our team now on 0208 518 1828. 

What Are the Benefits of Pawnbroker Loans?

Pawnbroker loans let you access cash instantly, using virtually any item as security. Whether you’ve been surprised by an unexpected bill or your income is disrupted, being able to access funds swiftly can be a vital way of safeguarding your financial standing and protecting your credit rating. 

Furthermore, taking out pawnbroker loans can be far easier than applying for traditional loans from banks or building societies. With no credit checks or lengthy application procedures, it’s a hassle-free way of obtaining the funds you need, when you need them. 

What’s more – you’ll find that we offer competitive interest rates and we also enable you to pay off your loan incrementally by making optional payments to reduce the capital thus reducing the interest going forward . Every loan agreement is clearly explained and documented before an agreement, so it’s easy to see exactly how much interest will be owed on your loan. 

Of course, the fact that you retain ownership of your item until the loan is paid off or until the loan term expires is another major benefit associated with pawnbroker loans. While selling an item for cash would mean relinquishing ownership immediately, a pawnbroker loan gives you a lengthy period of time to reclaim the item while still being able to access a loan. 

With so many benefits associated with pawnbrokers loans, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular!

Taking Out Pawnbroker Loans with Maxcroft

At Maxcroft, we make it as easy as possible for our clients to obtain a pawnbrokers loan when it’s needed. With no setup fees or credit checks, anyone can rely on immediate loans to resolve their financial issues. Our office-based location ensures clients can visit us discreetly and all loans are arranged and managed in the strictest confidence. 

Are you interested in pawnbroker loans in Essex? Maxcroft has over 40 years’ experience, offers outstanding service, and issues loans against assets and valuables. 

If you’d like to discuss an item that you are considering selling, take a look at our pawnbrokers website page here.

Moneylenders in London and surrounding areas

Loans secured on assets are different from bank loans in that they are usually for a shorter amount of time and unlike personal loans, there is no need to fill an application or apply in any way. Whereas not everyone is able to successfully apply for a bank loan. 

This is where Maxcroft can help. Those with lower credit scores can successfully apply for an asset loan with Maxcroft offering a pledge as collateral. Maxcroft is a private lender offering loans against pledges. Pledges can include but aren’t limited to fine watches, gold items such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, cars, handbags, electrical items and more. Any item with intrinsic value can be considered for a pledge.

Maxcroft offers a pawnbroking service to clients all over London and the greater London Area, Ilford, Essex, and further afield. People come to Maxcroft from other places in the South East too. At our friendly offices, we can answer any questions about loans offered against valuables. To find us directly, our contact us page will tell you all you need to know.

There are times when taking a loan is needed for personal or business expenses. Private lenders and banks are the usual source of such loans. Loans from traditional banks offer certain benefits because they often have lower interest rates and can be repaid over a number of years. Loans are generally repaid over varying loan terms and at different rates depending on the borrower’s credit status at different financial institutions.

Unlike banks and other personal loan companies, pawnbrokers require collateral in order to lend money. They will lend an amount relating to the value of the item pledged, not related to a good or bad credit score.

Borrowing money from a personal loan provider or bank can sometimes be challenging for those with poor credit. Imagine for a moment living in East London and wanting to make some improvements to your home. Those with bad credit might be refused a loan or receive less money than they need to create those improvements if they go to the bank. A bank loan also takes much longer to arrange.

If able to offer collateral in the form of an object of value, that home improvement could become a reality by pawning the valuable item. The pledge can be redeemed and the loan paid off at any time during the loan term without penalty. So it’s a very straight-forward way to borrow money in the London area.

An Alternative to Bank Loans

What are your other options if you can’t get financing from a traditional bank or credit union or you cannot receive the total amount you need? Aside from borrowing from friends or family, there are not many options. As private lenders based in the London area, Maxcroft is able to offer an alternative. We can offer our customers loans against collateral immediately without the need to make an application or have a high credit score.

Personal loan providers and banks require that Individuals have a good credit score and do not have bad credit in order to lend to them but they still don’t get the convenience and speed provided by a pawnbroker.

Getting money from a pawnbroker is the faster option to quickly solve a financial need or requirement and the credit score is not an issue at all because the loan is provided against the value of the item pledge. To know more about us and our services click here

Choose a loan from an asset lender over a bank

You may decide to go with a private asset lender or pawnbroker instead of a bank loan for several reasons.

As banks tend to prefer to lend to people with a good credit score, some people choose an asset lender or pawnbroker because they have a low credit score and may not even qualify for a bank loan. For those who have been rejected by banks, taking out a loan from a private asset lender or pawnbroker could be the best option to borrow money quickly.

Banks can be more critical about what a borrower plans to do with loan money as opposed to a pawnbroker. Private asset lenders can help with business expenses or consumers needing a quick loan for payment of bills or a large purchase such as a car which means customers can use loan money for whatever they want.

Furthermore, getting an asset loan is simple, easy, and straightforward, unlike bank loans which can be time-consuming to apply for. 

All that is needed is to come to our office in Ilford near Gants Hill tube station with an item of value and walk away with a loan within minutes.

No barriers

A low credit score does not mean that you cannot take out a loan, even if you are having difficulty getting one. If you have been turned down by the bank for a loan, you might be able to get money from a pawnbroker in the London and Essex area such as us at Maxcroft.

The Maxcroft Money lender checklist

So that you know what you’ll need to do before coming to Maxcroft to get a loan.

Have a figure in your head which you’d like to borrow against the value of your item. It is not always advisable to borrow the full value, but better to borrow the amount needed as this will save interest costs.

  1. Have an item ready and available which you’d like to pledge, you’ll need this in order to secure the loan.
  2. Know that a loan can be paid back at any time during the 6 month term with no penalty. It can also be renewed for another 6 month term if you are unable to pay off the loan within the first 6 months.
  3. Quickly check how to get to Maxcroft. We’re located at 632 Eastern Ave, Ilford IG2 6PG. We’re easily accessible from London, the South East, Essex and surrounding areas. You can get to us via the tube, car, bus and more.
  4. Come in for a chat! We’re always happy to see our customers and we can’t wait to answer any questions about asset loans or pawnbroker loans which you may have.

Need money fast? Find a London based secure loan provider near you with Maxcroft. We’re a South East based pawnbroker lending against valuables in Greater London and Essex. Get money loaned to you today when you pawn your valuable items. No credit check or bank account is needed. Borrow fairly and securely from a regulated provider.

Are you interested in selling gold & valuables in Essex?  

Maxcroft has over 40 years experience, offers outstanding service and issues loans against assets & valuables.

If you’d like to discuss an item that you are considering selling, take a look at our website page here.

Thinking About Selling or Pawning Your Gold?

Here are some things to consider and what the gold may be worth

Gold prices have been on the rise for a few years now, which is great news for those looking to sell the gold they own.

If you’ve ever considered pawning your gold, then you’re in luck – our article will highlight a few key things you need to consider before going to a pawn shop, as well as give you a good idea of some tips on how to calculate your gold’s value before you decide where to sell it.

Are you looking to sell gold in London? Do you have gold jewellery, gold coins, or gold bars that you’re looking to sell? Get in touch with Maxcroft today.

How to determine your gold’s value

There are a few ways to determine how much your gold is worth before heading to a pawn shop. Knowing the value of what you own is the best way to set realistic expectations of what you could borrow against your gold.

1: Know how pure your gold really is
Purity ratings for gold are as follows:

Karat Purity
24k 99.99%
22k 92.6%
21k 87.5%
20k 83.3%
18k 75%
15k 62.5%
14k 58.5%
12k 50%
10k 41.7%
9k 37.5%
8k 33.3%
6k 25%

If the purity rating of your gold is less than 99.99%, it means that your piece has been alloyed with other materials – usually metals such as platinum, silver, and copper.

How can you tell your gold’s purity rating?
If you have no indication or prior knowledge of the purity rating of your gold, you can inspect the piece and look for engravings or markings. Markings will generally include the number & K ranking, which you can then refer to the grid above – 10K gold is 41.7%, 14K is 58.5%, 18K is 75%, and a 24K piece is 99.9% pure gold.

2: The weight
Purity is not the only factor to be taken into account. The weight of your piece matters as well. Generally, the heavier the gold the higher the purity rating but that doesn’t always apply.

How can you measure the weight of your gold piece?
Take away all the embellishments (if possible) and weigh your jewellery. Be sure to use scales that measure up to a tenth of a gram for accuracy.

3: The price you paid
If you are able to remember or confirm, the price you initially paid, you will be able to compare it to the current ‘gold per ounce’ market price. It is the spot price of gold that gives you the best indication of how much you can borrow against your piece.

How to calculate your fair market value for gold pieces?
Now that you are aware of the basics, it is time to head to a trusted pawnshop to see what agreement can be made to borrow against your precious metal. To ensure you get a fair price, we’ve given a breakdown of how you can calculate the fair market value.

Let’s assume you have a gold necklace, with a stamp that indicates your piece is 18K gold (indicating 75% purity). On further inspection, you can tell it has no embellishments and weighs 30 grams.

To calculate the approximate market value you would:
take the weight in grams – in this instance 30g
multiply it by 0.75
then multiply that by the current gold market price

30g x 0.75 x current market price of gold = value

At Maxcroft we offer our customers a fair and reliable service. We’ll always pay a fair price for gold and will look to be as honest and transparent with our valuations as possible.

Tips before selling or pawning your gold
Some tips to consider in finding the best prices:

Find a reputable pawn shop: It is always safer to trade with a pawn shop that has a physical location – being able to meet the team will give you time to get a feel for the people you are working with.

Finding a pawn shop with good reviews and years of experience will provide reassurance that you will get the best service and most fair prices.

Established pawnshops will also make the process transparent, easier for you to understand and be clear on the process in both selling & pawning.

Be aware of gold’s market value: complete your research. There are many sources on the internet that will give you an idea of what the current market value of gold is, how it has been tracked in recent days/weeks and even some predictions on how the price will change (though this is, of course, subject to opinion). Make sure you are checking a variety of credible sources including Mint Exchange and Market Insider.

Be confident in your approach & clear on your expectations: “confidence is key” is a mantra that applies to many areas in life and the same applies when negotiating the price of gold too.

Arm yourself with the necessary information and data to give you confidence in your approach. Being realistic in what price you expect will also make the process simpler & more enjoyable for you.

Are you interested in Selling Gold and Valuables in Essex?
Maxcroft has over 40 years experience, offers outstanding service and issues loans against assets & valuables.

If you’d like to discuss an item that you are considering selling, take a look at our Gold and Valuables website page.

Get in touch

Pop in to our offices at 632 Eastern Ave, Ilford Essex IG2 6PG

If you’d like to discuss an item that you are considering selling or pawning then please call or visit us and we’ll be happy to help.

If you have any queries about our Pawnbroker service, please contact us.Telephone 0208 518 1828 or email

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get Great Value For Money With Maxcroft Currency Exchange

Our customers who love travelling come to us from all over East London and Essex for good value currency.

Many try and get away as much as possible to add to their experiences. They may wish to learn a new language, see amazing sites, or immerse themselves in a new culture. It can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, but are they really getting the most out of their travel money?

So here are some of our top tips to help our customers get the best value for money for holiday and travel money.

Getting value for money

Often our customers find that they get great value for money by purchasing their foreign currency with us. We offer a fast service and our staff are always more than happy to help. We specialise in Pawnbroking but also provide a foreign currency service to our customers giving the best value for money when they purchase holiday money.

Leftover currency

It is often surprising that most travellers have extra money after their trip without realising it

When traveling, holidaymakers convert their Pounds Sterling into local currency to purchase items and pay for the services needed. Travellers are advised to carry extra cash as a buffer – it is the responsible thing to do in case of emergencies.

But once home, travellers forget about the leftover money. Maybe they intend to change it back but then forget or they keep hold of it to use for future travel – either way there are considerable amounts of money stashed away in people’s homes & travel bags. Imagine, after many months/years, finding a wad of foreign cash in your drawer or suitcase. Forgetting you had £300 left from a trip is actually pretty common.

But what exactly is the problem?

Well, this money tends to still be in the local currency of the country visited. Having no use for those extra Euros or US dollars they would just be a keepsake.

How to exchange foreign banknotes back to pounds?

Maxcroft can exchange leftover travel money.

Before deciding it’s not worth the trouble, holiday money can be turned to Sterling cash that can be used for other purposes – maybe a nice meal or to add to a savings account.

Why choose Maxcroft for your travel money needs

Maxcroft is an excellent, reliable place to exchange currencies. With years’ of experience providing international currencies, Maxcroft makes exchanging a breeze

Located on the A12, Maxcroft is a 5-10 min walk from Gants Hill Tube Station and easily accessible by car from the North Circular Road or A12. Maxcroft has free parking, which is one of the reasons people come from all over East London and Essex for great exchange rates/currency.

Maxcroft offers excellent foreign exchange rates at 0% commission and buy & sell US dollars and Euros. Visit Maxcroft’s Foreign Currency page for more information or use the currency converter tool to see how Maxcroft’s Euro and Dollar rates compare to others and to get the best exchange rates.

Are you interested in Foreign Exchange in Essex?

Maxcroft has over 40 years experience, offering outstanding service and providing foreign currency.

If you’d like to discuss exchanging currency, take a look at our Foreign Exchange website page or pop in to our offices at 632 Eastern Ave, Ilford Essex IG2 6PG.

If you have any queries about our Currency Exchange, please contact us.
Telephone 0208 518 1828 or email

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.